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TinRoof expands on the enormous, but unrealized, potential of the AIM chat service. A chat client puts you at the center of a personal network, projecting a virtual presence onto the internet. You can interact with others through this presence, but only in ways that conform to the capabilities built into the underlying protocol, and only under the watchful gaze of the administrators running the chat servers. TinRoof acknowledges the contribution AIM and services like it have made to helping people find and communicate with each other online, but it breaks free of their limitations. The AIM service is an integral part of TinRoof, but only insofar as it provides the gateway to truly free and uncensored online interaction.

TinRoof lets you:


Your input is greatly appreciated!
I have some ideas about what to include in future releases of TinRoof. These include: But these are just my ideas. I'm sure that you can think of ideas that are as good or better. Send me an email at simms_2k@yahoo.com and let me know what you think up.

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The latest version of TinRoof can be downloaded from Sourceforge here

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You can send questions, comments, suggestions, rants, errata, etc here. I will try to respond quickly.

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